Mobile DJ Services for Weddings & Events

music speakerIt’s hard to find a good mobile DJ. In this article we highlight the top company we’ve found.

Their DJs have special event, wedding and nightclub experience plus they have worked with big name celebrities like Diddy, Beyonce, Jay-Z and Detroit’s own Big Sean.

It’s rare to get a Detroit based dj service with that kind of accomplishments who is open to playing music for private events and also being a wedding DJ.

I did a little research before picking the company I’m profiling here, Snapfuze DJs. What I found is that when you’re looking for a mobile dj in Michigan there are several things you want to look for and watch out for to make sure you don’t end up having a bad experience.

Top 5 things to Look For When Hiring a Mobile DJ

  • DJ Experience – Make sure the DJ has enough experience with the type of event you’re having
  • Customer Reviews – What do other people say about the DJ service? It’s one thing to have a nice website, and good mixes posted, but it’s another thing to do a good job at someone’s event
  • Wedding DJ – Specifically for a wedding DJ it’s important to make sure the DJ is professional and can do the hosting as well as playing the music
  • Customer Service – In the past I’ve worked with mobile DJ companies that didn’t keep in touch well throughout the planning process of the event. I like when I can talk directly to the DJ I’ll be working with long before the day of my party
  • Professional DJ Equipment – Does the DJ have professional equipment. Many nightclub DJs are experienced, but they get to use the club’s equipment every week. If you need speakers or sound rentals to be provided can your DJ do this?

I’m sure everyone reading this has attended an event where they DJ either didn’t have the right music, or was in his own little world and didn’t realize that he was the only one enjoying himself.

I’m not always looking to dance myself, but if the dance floor is empty and there are hundreds of people at the event, to me that’s a problem. Snapfuze dj services is one of the best choices of DJ companies that I’ve experienced so far in Michigan.

I’ve been to several events where they’ve done a great job.  One that I remember most was at the Book Cadillac hotel for the annual Give Young charity event. Check out Snapfuze and let me know what you think!

– Rob

Michigan Photo Booth Rental Service #2

It’s time for the final article in my reviews about photo booth rentals in Michigan. Recently, I wrote an article about Photobooth-Detroit and now I’m writing about another great company that I found Photo Booth Plus.

Photo Booth Plus has 5-star ratings everywhere I’ve seen them online. Their Yelp, Google+ and Facebook pages all have great reviews, so that’s a good sign.

The thing that really got me sucked in with Photobooth-Detroit was their money back guarantee. I never want to get suckered in by a company I haven’t worked with, so that’s a big deciding factor for me.

Photo Booth Plus also has a similar guarantee for their photo booth rental service. They say that they will make any problems right or give you a refund so that you feel you got what you paid for. No questions asked.

In addition to the guarantee, their quality is amazing and they use Canon DSLR cameras, Dye Sublimation printers (the best quality printers for this type of thing) and Alien Bees flashes (same ones used by pro photographers).

They offer props and greenscreen along with a photo scrapbook and unlimited use of the booth, so they’ve got all of your major features covered.

In addition they have social media sharing built into some packages so you can have people take photos and immediately send them to Facebook or Twitter.

They are located in Ann Arbor, Michigan but they work all throughout the state of Michigan. I’ve seen samples from many Detroit events that they’ve done and I’m sure they would be a good fit for any of our events.

One place where they are different than the first company is that Photo Booth Plus does a lot of corporate photo booth rental work. In addition to that, they started their service back in 2009 so they’re one of the first companies in Michigan to offer a wedding photo booth.

Check out Photo Booth Plus and our other post about Top Photo Booth Rental Company Photobooth-Detroit and let me know which one you’d like to see at our Ypsi Economic Chamber events this year!


Top Photo Booth Rental Company

Photobooth-DetroitIn my last post I mentioned that I’ve been looking into renting photo booths for upcoming events this spring and summer.

I’ve discovered a new company that has all the features that I’ve been looking for and also seems to be pretty reputable, Photobooth-Detroit.

They offer unlimited use of the portable booth for every photo booth rental, a live view screen where everyone can see themselves as they take photos, a custom logo on every print and very reasonable rental prices too.  All of their main packages come in at under $1000 so it’s affordable for most events.

I’ve heard from other people that often you can get booths cheaper. Around the 300ish dollar range, but I’ve seen some photo booths that weren’t all that impressive and I’m guessing those are the ones that come cheap. The quality that this company puts out rivals professional photography, so that’s something that I take into consideration with the budgeting.

Plus, many of my events are a little larger than the average 50 person graduation party, so I need something that will be a able to handle a decent sized crowd of a couple of hundred party guests.

It also looks like of all the websites and prices that I looked at for photo booth rental Michigan companies, they do more corporate event work than the others.

The best part to me is that they include a money back satisfaction guarantee. From what I understand, if you aren’t 100% satisfied by the photo booth service they will fix the problem or give your money back. It’s always great when the risk is on someone else to make sure that things go right at your event.

Just in case you’d like to work with them or check them out here’s their full contact info:

535 Griswold St
Ste 111-143
Detroit, MI 48226
(313) 486-5277

There are a couple other companies I’m still considering, but out of all of the companies for photo booth rental Detroit has to offer this is my favorite right now.

– Rob

Michigan Entertainment Business is Booming!

DetroitMichigan is a hotbed of growing businesses right now. Especially in the Metro-Detroit area all the way over to places like Ypsilanti that are seeing some great growth as the state pulls itself out of its decline.

The Tigers have settled in at Comerica Park and are making the most of their new season only losing one of their first ten games in this 2015 season.  The Red Wings now have clearance for their new stadium build so it’s only a matter of time before the ground breaks and new construction starts.

So many businesses have started to move to the Downtown and Midtown areas of Detroit.  But all throughout Southeast Michigan business has been picking up and I can personally attest to how fun it’s become to travel throughout Michigan and see so many people out enjoying themselves.

As we enter the springtime more people are starting to have events throughout Michigan and in addition to sports entertainment they also are having parties and nightclub events with DJs and renting a photo booth.

The photo booth industry really looks like a lot of fun, I’m planning on writing some articles about the best companies for booth rentals that I’ve found in the area. This photo booth service in the UK is really ridiculous and although I’ve only thought about renting a photo booth so far, this video makes me thinking of purchasing.

What type of events are you planning for this spring and summer?  Will you be headed downtown, or are you planning on going up North to the beaches, cabins and beautiful sights of mid and upper Michigan?

I’m personally planning on staying around the Detroit area for most of the time, but as always I’ll get up to Petoskey or Sleeping Bear Dunes at least once, because it’s just to nice up there not to visit.

Take plenty of photos and look forward to more personal details along with me highlighting Michigan’s top entertainment businesses.

– Rob

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